LCDH Aficionado Rewards

An innovative idea makes its very first worldwide appearance within the market of Cyprus and pushes through as a pioneer in bringing the world of Habanos closer to its dedicated smokers. Habanos Cigars enthusiasts now have the opportunity to be rewarded for their passion and support, via a unique rewards point program that challenges to provide in-return the loyalty of the iconic cigars’ customers.

Members of the LCDH Aficionado rewards program can enjoy a variety of privileges and features, as they are able to accumulate points with each purchase of their favorite cigars and blends, and exchange these points for their value, on cigars, other items or accessories, at their nearest LCDH shop in Cyprus.

In this manner, LCDH Aficionado strives for each member to feel included within an exclusive membership club solely available for the market of Cyprus, and become an interactive part with the Habanos world.

With every purchase at any Casa del Habano shop in Cyprus (excluding the Duty Free), and upon presenting the LCDH Aficionado card, customers may earn reward points, which later on may be redeemed for their value.

The Program


  • Via the App (hosted only on IOs devices)


  • At any La Casa Del Habano shop in Cyprus



  1. The customers must provide details such as name, address, main contact number and email (etc.).
  2. The program membership begins with the 1st Tier card (Romeo y Julieta) and the members may upgrade to the remaining two higher tier cards as they’d meet the upgrading requirements.
  3. Once the card is issued and prepared, they will be notified and are required to personally retrieve the card at the Casa Del Habano.


Membership Cards

  • Romeo y Julieta – 1st Tier Card
  • Montecristo – 2nd Tier Card
  • Cohiba – 3rd Tier Card

Romeo y Julieta – 1st Tier features

  • 3% Cash back return
  • Minimum 1,000 points required to be able to redeem the Cash back value (applicable only for the first time of points redeeming)
  • Minimum 2,000 points accumulated per year to maintain the Romeo y Julieta membership
  • 3000 points accumulated in 1 year needed to advance to Montecristo (Tier 2)


Montecristo –2nd Tier features

  • 5% Cash back return
  • Minimum 2,000 points accumulated per year to maintain the Montecristo membership
  • 7000 points accumulated in 1 year needed to advance to Cohiba (Tier 3)


Cohiba – 3rd Tier features

  • 9% Cash back return
  • Minimum 5,000 points accumulated per year to maintain the Cohiba membership
  • Personal gift upon the issuance and collection of the card at the CDH
  • Annual birthday gift
  • Invitation to tasting events exclusive to the Cohiba membership
  • Chance to win a trip to Cuba

Rewards Program Terms

  1. Membership status can be tracked via the App only.
  2. Any difference calculated between the points on hand at the time they are to be redeemed and the total value of the items to be purchased, must be settled by the customer in cash.
  3. For purchase-returns of items, the total points previously rewarded will be deducted accordingly to the applicable value/point ratio.
  4. When upgrading or degrading back to a tier, all accumulated points are automatically converted into a Value Voucher in the name of the member, to be redeemed at any CDH shop in Cyprus.
  5. If the points required to maintain each card are not met, the membership automatically returns to the previous tier card.
  6. All points are calculated based on the transaction amount without the V.A.T.